Brain Stroke Treatment in Vijayawada

Stroke is the third major cause of demise and the principle motive of private incapacity. A stroke means a “brain attack”. It can occur to anyone at any time. It happens when blood flow to an area of brain is blocked. Dr Naveenkumar Venigalla is the best treatment for brain stroke In Vijayawada Our Best doctors in Vijayawada are aviailable 24/7 We do quick Hospital service for Emergency treatments.

When this happens ?

Brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die. When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that area of the brain.

There are 3 main types of stroke as follows
  • Ischemic stroke
  • Hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Transient ischemic attack
brain stroke treatment in vijayawada

Ischemic stroke:

87% strokes are ischemic strokes. An ischemic stroke occurs when blood flow through the artery which supplies oxygen-rich blood to the brain becomes blocked. Clots in the blood causes frequently the blockages that lead to ischemic strokes.

Hemorrhagic Stroke:

A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when an artery in the brain leaks blood or breaks open. The blood which is leaked puts too much pressure on brain cells, which damages them.

Transient ischemic stroke:

A transient ischemic attack (TIA) is sometimes called a “mini-stroke.” It is different from the major types of stroke because blood flow to the brain is stopped for only a less time usually not more than 5 minutes.

Signs of Stroke are as below:

  • Sudden weakness in the face, arm, or leg especially on one side of the body.
  • Sudden confusion, difficulty in speaking, or difficulty in understanding speech.
  • Sudden difficulty in sight in one or both eyes.
  • Sudden difficulty in walking, dizziness, loss of balance, or lack of coordination.
  • Sudden severe headache with no known cause.


Ischemic stroke

If the ischemic stroke diagnosis has been made, there is a window of time when thrombolytic therapy using tPA (tissue plasminogen activator) may be an choice. tPA dissolves or melts the clot that is blocking an artery in the brain and restores blood supply.

Hemorrhagic Stroke

Immediate treatment can be the difference between life and death. Emergency treatment focuses on controlling the bleeding as well as reducing the pressure in the brain.

A person who takes blood thinners or similar drugs may be given medicine to help counteract their effects. Doctors often prescribe drugs to reduce the pressure in the brain and lower blood pressure as well as to prevent the blood vessels from tightening and seizures.Once bleeding has stopped, surgery may be an choice to help prevent a hemorrhage from happening repeatedly. In order to repair blood vessel abnormalities associated with hemorrhagic strokes,surgery has to take place. An aneurysm may be repaired with a surgical clip. The next phase of treatment focuses on rehabilitation, once a person is out of immediate danger,

Transient ischaemic attack (TIA)


Platelets are blood cells that help blood to thicken/clot. Platelets stick together to form a blood clot if a blood vessel is damaged to prevent bleeding. Antiplatelet medicines work by reducing the ability of the platelets to stick together and form clots. If you've had a TIA, it's likely that you'll be offered antiplatelet treatment.

Two common antiplatelets is given to people who have had a TIA are aspirin and clopidogrel. Aspirin may also sometimes be taken with another antiplatelet medicine called dipyridamole because this can be more effective than taking these medications separately.


Anticoagulant drugs can help in preventing blood clots by changing the chemical composition of the blood in a way that prevents clots.

Antihypertensives (blood pressure medication)

If you are suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), you'll be given a type of medication called an antihypertensive to control it. This is because high blood pressure significantly increases your risk of having a TIA or stroke.


You'll be advised to take a medicine known as a statin if you have high cholestrol. Statins reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood by blocking an enzyme in the liver that produces cholesterol. Get the best treatment for brain stroke and Meningitis Treatment in vijayawada.